Microstructures and mechanical properties of Cu-35Ni-15Al alloy in cast and porous states were studied by scanning electron microscopy and compression tests. The influence of porosity, deformation temperature and loading rate on mechanical properties of the two kinds of alloys was investigated. The results show that the as cast alloy and porous alloys have almost the same phase constitution: Cu rich phase, Ni rich phase and K intermetallics. The yield strength of porous alloys increases continuously with decreasing porosity, the relationship between porosity and yield stress follows Gibson-Ashby equation. With decreasing deformation temperature, the yield strength of as cast alloy and porous alloy increase. With the increase of loading rate, the yield strength of these alloys shows an increasing trend. After compression, the microstructure of as cast alloy is more uniform, and porous alloys are more prone to have localized deformations.

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