The software market for computerization of modelling and design processes of mining enterprises is represented by American, Australian and Russian solutions, which increases the dependence of Kazakhstani enterprises on third-party developers. Kazakhstani cloud service, scalable according to selected solutions, allows not only to reduce dependence on exported solutions, but also to better adapt solutions to regulatory and legislative documents. At the same time, the promotion of both the service itself and its individual solutions is associated with a number of problems. A marketing strategy for promoting an EIA solution for a software product will allow you to focus on promoting both the entire cloud system and the EIA solution, conquering your market segment, and increasing competitiveness. The consequences of open pit mining may not be entirely favourable when it comes to its social and environmental impacts. This study presents a strategy for promoting a program module for environmental impact assessment (EIA) of open pit mines. The aim of the study is to develop a marketing strategy for promoting the EIA subsystem of the 3DCAREER web application in the context of the globalization of the world economy. Promotion of the module for environmental assessment of the impact of open pits on the extraction of common minerals on the environment to optimize calculations for assessing the impact of open pits in dynamically changing environmental conditions of the enterprise will minimize negative environmental impacts.

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