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Analysis of Heat Pumps Efficiency in Selected Locations – A Case Study


Heat pumps are increasingly popular in individual buildings and could help to meet expectations of ambitious energy-environmental European goals until 2050. This paper presents the results of energy simulations conducted in TRNSYS for a single-family building depending on its location in selected European cities. For each city, air source heat pump (ASHP) was considered as an energy source for heating and cooling the building, and then an economic analysis was carried out including investment costs of air source heat pump and a comparison of operating costs of ASHP with other alternatives (i.e. gas boiler, oil boiler, or air conditioners). The results of the simulations showed that with the current energy prices the use of air source heat pumps is the most beneficial in temperate warm transitional climate (Krakow). It was also indicated that the implementation of special tariffs (reduced prices) for electricity that supplies renewable energy devices would make heat pumps unmatched as a source of heating and cooling in the residential sector.

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