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Identifying Key Challenges of the National Energy and Climate Plan through Climate Policy Integration Approach


The purpose of the study was to analyse to what extent Latvia’s National Energy and Climate Plan 2030 (NECP2030) is in synergy with climate policies formulated in other strategic and policy documents through applying Climate Policy Integration approach (CPI). CPI is defined as integration of activities aimed at mitigating climate change as well as adaptation activities in all policy making levels and stages in other policy sectors and commitment to reduce and prevent contradictions between climate policy and goals and policies and goals of other sectors. NECP2030 is intended to be the manual of policies and policy instruments aimed at achieving changes in production and use of energy resources and energy that result in sustainable economic policy, which functions in line with climate goals. NECP2030 has 12 activity groups covering a spectrum of policy measures. The study concludes that there are policies, which do not function in synergy with climate policy or are even of competitive nature vis-à-vis climate policy.

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