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Features of the Technology of Application of Industrial Waste in the Construction of Constructive Layers of Roadwear


In this article, work was carried out to study the chemical, mineralogical composition and toxicological properties of waste (phosphogypsum, phosphorus slags, overburden) of the phosphorus industry, the optimal content of the grain composition of gravel-sand mixtures in the composition of road mixtures (crushed stone, sand-gravel, sand) and structures of the Zhambyl region of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The possibilities of using slag-mineral mixtures in the year - round construction of highways were studied on the basis of a comprehensive study of the physicochemical processes of hardening and the formation of the structure of slag-mineral materials at negative temperatures. Technological regimes for the construction of roads of various technical categories from slag binding materials, reformed after long-term freezing, have been established. New, unparalleled, binding road mixtures have been created to increase the utilization of waste from the phosphorus industry and expand the raw material base of road building materials. The main directions of application of road mixtures based on industrial waste for the purposes of road construction have been developed: construction of structural layers of road pavements; construction of road bed layers.

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