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Temporal Trends in Phosphorus Concentrations and Losses from Agricultural Monitoring Sites in Latvia


The Baltic Sea is the youngest sea on our planet, the environment of the sea is considered to be unique and fragile. It is affected by various human activities resulting in the impairment of water quality. Riverine nutrient (nitrogen and phosphorus) loads are among the major causes of eutrophication of the Baltic Sea. This study examines temporal trends in water discharge, total phosphorus (TP) and orthophosphate-phosphorus (PO4-P) concentrations and losses from three agricultural runoff monitoring sites in Latvia including Berze, Mellupite, and Vienziemite. The annual datasets of TP and PO4-P concentrations and losses were tested for statistical trends using a nonparametric test - the Mann-Kendall trend test. The timeframe of this study was from 1995 until 2018. The results show a large variety of annual mean concentrations and losses of TP and PO4-P in the study period. No statistically significant trend was detected for TP losses. Meanwhile, statistically significant downward trends were observed for TP concentrations in four out of six study sites and in two study sites for PO4-P concentrations.

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