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Examining the Impact of Different Technical and Environmental Parameters on the Performance of Photovoltaic Modules


This article presents an evaluation of the performance of PV modules with the variation of some technical and environmental parameters: The PV module tilt angle, and the impact of soiling on the power output of PV module, and the transmittance of the PV glass surfaces. The experiments were achieved in Helwan City (Egypt) at the premises of the Faculty of Engineering of Helwan University. For the soiling part, it comprises two experiments: Transmittance of PV glass surfaces, and the power output of PV modules. For the transmittance experiment, it has been achieved using a simplified method, where three PV glass surfaces were placed at three different tilt angles (0°, 15°, and 30°) and left exposed to the outdoor environment without cleaning for a period of 25 days during the summer season. For the experiment concerning the impact of soiling on the power output, a set of PV modules connected in series have been exposed for a period of 75 days to the outdoor environment without cleaning. Finally, for the PV module tilt angle experiment, another set of PV modules have been used for that purpose, where four different tilt angles were experimented: 0°, 15°, 30°, and 45°. The present research recommends that more studies are needed in the same context, taking into consideration correlating the technical and environmental parameters in one single experiment and during different times of the year. This would be helpful in having overarching perspective regarding the electrical performance of PV modules under different circumstances of tilt angles and soiling patterns within the area of Helwan (Egypt).

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