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Method to Recycle Paper Sludge Waste: Production of Panels for Sound Absorption Applications

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Paper sludge is the water treatment waste, which produced during paper production. Paper sludge (PS) waste utilization is the common problem in the EU and internationally. According to the waste management directive No. 2008/98/EC, paper sludge waste should not be utilized in landfills. In the European Union, alone 93 million tons of PS generated yearly. Nowadays most of the paper sludge waste used as fuel for incineration power plants (up to 55 %). According to waste management legislation such waste management should be avoided as well. Very small portion (10 %) of PS is used in construction sector. In construction, paper sludge used as additive in concrete composite materials. Such legislation of waste management generates the motivation of this study. In this study authors propose to produce composite panels in which PS is the main material of composite. As the binding material, clay proposed due to its good binding properties and therefore its natural material. Such produced panels proposed to use it for sound absorption applications. To determine composites sound absorption coefficient standard ISO 10534-2 method was used. The sound absorption coefficient in different octave bands reached up to 0.59.

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