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The Innovative Technology of Hydraulic Compression and Boosting for Filling the Vehicles and Storage Systems with Natural Gas and Biomethane

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SPECIAL ISSUE OF ENVIRONMENTAL AND CLIMATE TECHNOLOGIES PART II: The Green Deal Umbrella for Environmental and Climate Technologies


The article describes the technology of the “hydraulic piston”, as well as the studies that confirm the viability of this technology, implemented in various devices, designed to compress natural gas (CNG) and biomethane (bio-CNG), to accumulate CNG and bio-CNG, to deliver bio-CNG from the production site to the point of its injection into the natural gas network or to the vehicle fuelling stations to fill the Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV). The article presents prototypes of personal fuelling devices and mobile fuelling systems developed by Hygen Ltd. (Hygen), thereby showing the potential of the technology to contribute in the deployment of alternative fuel infrastructure and into the global GHG emissions reduction, mainly in the transport sector.

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