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Solar Electricity Over Three Continents

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Modern urban planning in the world is nowadays facing severe problems due to the fast increase of the population and migration from villages to cities, which led countries to implementation of strategy of fast, modern urban planning to meet the needs of the population. Since the 1980s, in a context marked by increasing development in energy costs and by rising attention to the problem of global warming, countries have gradually mobilized to control their energy better and reduce the environmental footprint. However, even if there are some great successes, the deployment of renewable energies is still not well developed in developing countries such as Algeria that mainly uses fossil fuels. Considering the huge potential and good climatic conditions, developing countries should take on renewable energies for their future development. This paper aims to understand the impact of modern urban strategy on the application of solar urban planning. This study will clarify the critical role of solar electricity integration used in determining the urban solar potential in four studied regions located on three different continents: Africa, Europe and North America, in the cities of Ibenbadis (Constantine, Algeria), Saint-Hugues (Quebec, Canada), Saint-Malo (France) and Ambolobozobe (Madagascar). The results obtained will allow a comparison of the calculated solar energy potential of three urban sites, the benefits of reducing carbon dioxide as well as a comparison of solar energy costs on three continents.

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