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Treatment of Particulate Matter Pollution: People’s Attitude and Readiness to Act

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The paper displays results of the questionnaire called “Particulate matter pollution in air”, which serves as a tool to determine level of public awareness of the health risks related to pollution from small capacity heating equipment in households. Barriers for installation of the innovative flue gas treatment technology called a fog unit in households and possible mechanisms to decrease or prevent these barriers were defined. The first part of the questionnaire included overall information about participants: age, gender, education level, place of residence, activities to protect the environment and motives behind performing these activities. The remaining questions were divided in four groups: “Environmental views”, “Knowledge on air pollution”, “Willingness to pay”, “Choice of flue gas treatment technologies”. The results of questionnaire correspond with raised problem situations. Over 80 % of respondents lack information on pollution and possible consequences deriving from it, and on potential solutions to prevent pollution. Residents of households are willing to pay for installation of flue gas treatment equipment (capital investments).

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