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Difference between Bibliometric and Grey Data. Transdisciplinary Bioeconomy Research

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This study is a follow-up to previous research on the use of a transdisciplinary approach in the analysis of factors that influence bioeconomy development and interactions between them. It is very important to consider the significance of public opinion while performing transdisciplinary research. This study integrates public opinion in the bibliometric analysis method by using grey data from information available in the public information space: mass media and social networks. The network of factors influencing the development of bioeconomy, created with the help of social network analysis method, was compared with the one obtained from bibliometric analysis of SCOPUS database in order to find out the difference between scientific tendencies and the overall atmosphere in the information space. Although the structure of these networks varies, there is a common tendency in literature to identify the following factors as the key factors in the development of the bioeconomy: research and innovations; technology; energy and energy consumption.

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