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Determining the Enthalpy of an Fe-Ni Alloy at Various Temperatures Using the ‘STA’ PT 1600 Equipment


In this research paper we have determined the enthalpy of the Fe-Ni alloy using the ‘STA’ equipment at the laboratory of the University of Mitrovica “Isa Boletini”, Department of Materials and Metallurgy. The sample for analysis was taken at the Ferronikel plant, whereas the preparation of the sample for analysis on the ‘STA PT 1600’ equipment took place at the laboratory of the University of Mitrovica ‘Isa Boletini’.

The sample of the Fe-Ni alloy analysed was 2–4 cm in size, in the shape of a granule. It contained, 22.55% Ni, 76.51% Fe, and small amounts of other elements [1, 2]. During the analysis of the Fe-Ni alloy, we obtained three enthalpy values under analytical conditions that included a maximum temperature of 800 °C and a minimum temperature of 600 °C; the alloy was exposed to each temperature separately for 45 minutes at each temperature.

The results showed negative enthalpy values during the three scenarios examined and an exothermic process where ΔH<0 [3]. The enthalpy decreases as the system releases heat with an increase in temperature [4].