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Possibilities of geoinformational analysis for assessment of the state and directions of development of geodetic support of the territory of Ukraine


Topographic, geodetic and cartographic activities are one of the main activities for the effective development of the economy, science of strengthening national security and defense. It is a set of management, production, scientific and educational activities for the storage and communication to users of geodetic and cartographic information and data. The article considers one of the segments of this activity – the state of geodetic support of the territory of Ukraine and its assessment according to official data on the possibility of creating topographic maps and plans of scale 1:25 000 – 1:2000 in compliance with applicable regulations. To carry out the assessment, around the points of the State Geodetic Network of Ukraine (DGM) buffer zones of radii of circles of standard sizes were constructed, zoning of the territory with Thissen-Voronoi polygons and covering of the territory in the form of a hexagonal grid were done by means of ArcGIS. The results of the current assessment as of 2022 conducted by three methods are summarized in the table in terms of oblasts of Ukraine. The data obtained are compared to the previous assessment conducted five years ago. Changes in the state of geodetic support have been identified and their objective reasons explained. The advantages and disadvantages of each of the proposed methods of geoinformation analysis of the assessment of the state of geodetic support of the territories are given. It is established that the combination of different methods will allow to use the existing points of DGM with greater efficiency and to substantiate the priority places for further development of the network. The complex of scientific and applied works related to the modernization of the state geodetic network will allow to quickly and locally develop a network based on satellite and computer technologies and create and present digital cartographic information at the modern scientific and technical level in accordance with current needs.

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