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16 May 2013
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The Influence of Dissimilarity of Comparables on the Correctness of Estimation in the Comparative Approach Procedure

Published Online: 13 Mar 2021
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First Published
16 May 2013
Publication timeframe
4 times per year

The subject of this article is the still relevant issue of the adequate choice of comparables in evaluation procedures within the sales comparison approach. The text features the results of an experiment that makes it possible to validate the dependence of the accuracy of the final estimation of the price of valued objects in relation to the criteria of significance of similarity as a determinant of accepting individual objects as sufficiently similar, and the dissimilarity coefficients describing the created reference sets. Based on the example of simulated data, it has been shown that there is a clear relationship between the accuracy of the estimates made and the selection of comparables. In a set of all possible calculation variations, estimations based on selected data are characterized by more accurate calculations relative to parallel calculations carried out on the widest possible sets of comparables.


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