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Leisure Activities of Inhabitants of Large Cities in Poland during the COVID-19 Pandemic


Introduction The main goal of the article is to study the structure of time spent on specific leisure activities in the COVID-19 pandemic by inhabitants of large cities in Poland (in the workweek – weekend cycle).

Material and methods Time budget research, including leisure, was based on the self-reporting sheet and was conducted in December 2020 on residents of selected cities.

Results The results indicate differences in the way of spending leisure time concerning social life mainly. The respondents spent most of their leisure time using mass media and the Internet. The time spent on various leisure activities also differed in terms of workweek – weekend. The structure of individual leisure time activities showed that the most common activities during workweek were watching TV and using the Internet. At weekends, the second most popular activity (after watching TV) was home meetings.

Conclusions An important contribution resulting from this work is the identification and analysis of the variability of leisure activities during the pandemic.

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