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Relationships Between Physical Fitness and Wrestling – Specific Fitness in Freestyle Wrestlers


Introduction. The aim of the study was to investigate the relationships between the parameters of conditioning preparation and specific fitness of freestyle wrestlers.

Material and Methods. Seventy-four subjects were selected from freestyle wrestlers. All subjects were assessed for height, weight and body mass index. Agility, dynamic strength and strength endurance were assessed using standing broad jump, push-ups, wall bar hanging leg raises, pull-ups and a zigzag run. Wrestling-specific fitness was assessed using standing gymnastic bridge with return, wrestling carousel, front kip up, while special endurance was assessed with suplex throws of the mannequin.

Results. For initial data analysis, one-way ANOVA was used. Further data analysis was performed with multiple regression. Suplex throws of the mannequin had the biggest impact on achieving high sports results. These findings suggest that specific fitness tests which simulate sports effort are the most reliable measures.

Conclusions. Owing to special fitness tests, training can be monitored more effectively. The movements made during a sports fight should be taken into account while preparing a given test.

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