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Village-Based Tourism Performance: Tourist Satisfaction and Revisit Intention


Introduction. Tourist satisfaction and revisit intention have been used to measure tourism performance by the government agency. These two variables were investigated by previous studies but failed to focus on village-based tourism destinations, which are popular in Indonesia. Therefore, this study investigates the effect of cognitive destination image on tourist satisfaction and revisit intention.

Material and methods. It also determines the role of tourist satisfaction as a mediating variable between cognitive destination image and revisit intention using 124 respondents. Cognitive destination image is divided into attractive condition, essential condition, appealing activity, and natural environment. Furthermore, this study employs the structural equation model (SEM) using smart-pls to analyze data.

Results. The result shows that attractive and essential conditions are related to tourist satisfaction, while appealing activity and essential conditions influence the intention to revisit.

Conclusions. Tourist satisfaction associates with the intention to revisit and attractive conditions. However, the function of the tourism satisfaction as a mediating variable between destination image and intention to revisit is partially revealed.

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