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Physical Culture Patterns in the Lifestyle of the Polish Society


Society's lifestyles, influenced by the evolving preferences of values of subsequent generations, are subject to gradual changes. This variation in lifestyles requires a reflection on the patterns of physical culture and values amongst the youth, adults and the elderly. Patterns of physical culture shaped in the European tradition are also present in the contemporary lifestyles of all generations. People's choices concerning physical culture depend on the type and level of their physical activity, attitudes towards of the body, age, gender and education. In the classic physical types distinguished by Polish sociologists we can identify positive traits conducive to human development, traits inducing controversial attitude, and clearly negative ones that are health-threatening.

In conclusion the paper puts forward a question about the direction of the development of physical culture patterns in future and the level of recognition of particular values by different generations. Some of the contemporary lifestyles arouse concerns of educators.

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