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Autothermal Reforming of Diesel Oil for PdCeCrFeCu/Al2O3-Catalyzed Hydrogen Production


To make clear the feasibility and influence factors of diesel fuel autothermal reforming to hydrogen, PdCeCr- FeCu/Al2O3 catalyst was prepared by equivalent-volume impregnation method. Experimental facility based on an adiabatic tubular reactor with preheating section was designed and set up, the behaviors of diesel reforming to hydrogen with straight-run diesel as a raw material according to the analysis of the components were studied. Diesel oil reforming over a catalyst for hydrogen production was analyzed using an adiabatic tubular reactor with a preheating section that was designed and built in-house. The operating conditions were optimized. Under the suitable operating conditions, viz., catalyst bed inlet temperature of 700 °C, diesel liquid space velocity of 0.24 h−1, water-carbon ratio of 20, and oxygen-carbon ratio of 0.6, the hydrogen yield reached 28.3 (mol/mol).

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