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Development of a Simulation Model for Controlling and Improving the Productivity of Batch Reactors


This paper describes the development of a dynamic simulator model for a jacketed batch reactor equipped with a mono-fluid heating/cooling system. The Mono-fluid flows at constant flow-rate through the jacketed reactor. The heating and cooling are assured respectively by electrical resistance and two plate heat exchangers. A detailed description of the equations leading to the development of simulation model is presented. The model is based on writing the equations of the mass balance and the heat balance for the reactor and the thermal loop in unsteady state. To validate the simulation model, we first studied the thermal behavior of the reaction mixture during heating and cooling, using water as the reaction mixture. We then considered the consecutive chemical reaction of the synthesis of cyclopentanediol from cyclopentadiene by studying the yield of this reaction. The results show that heating the reaction mixture increases significantly the yield of this synthesis reaction.

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Industrial Chemistry, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Process Engineering