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Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment is Associated with Lipid Inflammatory Response Assessed Uding Serum Platelet Activating Factor


Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) treatment is generally a relatively safe therapy for various conditions. However, there are some adverse side effects. For example HBO tratment has been reported to increase the production of free oxygen radicals(FRs). Furthermore, to our knowledge, no previous clinical research has been carried out to study the involvement of platelet-activating factor(PAF)as the lipid oxidative stressor in patients undergoing HBO treatment. A total of 45 patients included in this study were first given clinical assessment and laboratory measurements before starting HBO treatment and were named group baseline. After the HBO treatment, the same clinical and laboratory measurements from the same patients were repeated and this was named group sesion >20.As expected, long-term HBO treatment had no effect on oxLDL (oxidized low-density lipoprotein), a lipid oxidative stress(OS) marker. However, the mean PAF values in the second group showed a statistically significant increase compared to their pretreatment values, (P <0. 002).As this is a preliminary study, there is a need for more detailed investigations that demonstrate the association of HBO treatment with the lipid inflammatory response. Therefore, there is need for further clinical study for OS markers such as oxLDL in HBO treatment. Clinical prospective studies are required to confirm our laboratory findings.