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Model Predictive Controlled IM Drive based on IT2FNN Controller


In this paper, the predictive torque control (PTC) based induction motor (IM) drive using an interval type-2 fuzzy neural network (IT2FNN) controller in the speed control loop is designed and tested in simulations. The states required for the proposed motor drive are estimated by extended complex Kalman filter (ECKF). The ECKF performs online estimations of stator currents, rotor fluxes, rotor mechanical speed, and rotor resistance. Compared to conventional extended Kalman filter (EKF), which estimates the same states/parameters, the designed ECKF has less computational burden because it does not contain matrix inverse and the matrix dimensions have been reduced. In addition, the rotor resistance estimated by ECKF is updated online to the PTC system. Thus, the performance of the PTC-based IM drive is improved against variations in the rotor resistance, whose value changes with operating conditions such as frequency and temperature. In order to force both the ECKF observer and the proposed IM drive, a challenging scenario containing the wide speed range operation of the IM is designed. Simulation results confirm the performance of the proposed speed-sensorless PTC-based drive that uses an IT2FNN controller in the speed control loop and the estimation performance of the ECKF observer.

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