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Analysis of the Drive of the Electric Vehicle with Six-Phase Induction Motor


The article presents the analysis of the drive system of the electric vehicle with a six-phase induction motor. The mathematical models of the six-phase induction motor and model reference adaptive system (MRASF) estimator are presented, and the description of the voltage source inverter, space vector modulator and bidirectional buck–boost converter is shown. The direct field-oriented control (DFOC) system and the direct torque control with space vector modulation (DTC-SVM) system are analysed. Results of simulation studies of these control methods and comparative analysis are shown. The DTC-SVM method is selected as the method with the best properties, and a full model of the electric vehicle drive system is built using this method. The detailed description of the drive system of the electric vehicle with a six-phase induction motor and DTC-SVM control system and the results of simulation tests for this drive system are presented. The aim of the authors and an element of novelty is to develop and test a drive system for an electric vehicle with a six-phase induction motor, adaptive speed estimator and extensive space vector modulator.

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