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Migration and community in an age of digital connectivity: A survey of media use and integration amongst migrants in Iceland


Information and communication technologies enable migrants to maintain bonds with multiple communities. Little is known about the association between migrants’ connections to their country of origin and different integration practices in online and offline communities in the receiving society. We draw on a survey conducted amongst migrants in Iceland (N = 2,139) and conduct three regression analyses to identify determinants of migrants’ use of media and social media from their country of origin. Contrary to other studies, we do not find evidence of reactive transnationalism (i.e., migrants seeking out connections to their places of origin due to dissatisfaction with life in the receiving society) as a response to negative attitudes towards the receiving society. We identify distinct patterns of online and offline integration: Migrants with frequent contact with their countries of origin are less integrated locally in terms of offline activities. However, they are more integrated in digital communities of the receiving society, and use receiving-country media more frequently, thus following a strategy of digital biculturalism.

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Social Sciences, Communication Science, Mass Communication, Public and Political Communication