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Quadrature Response Spectra Deep Neural Based Behavioral Pattern Analytics for Epileptic Seizure Identification


The brain’s Electroencephalogram (EEG) signals contain essential information about the brain and are widely used to support the analysis of epilepsy. By analyzing brain behavioral patterns, an accurate classification of different epileptic states can be made. The behavioral pattern analysis using EEG signals has become increasingly important in recent years. EEG signals are boisterous and non-linear, and it is a demanding mission to design accurate methods for classifying different epileptic states. In this work, a method called Quadrature Response Spectra-based Gaussian Kullback Deep Neural (QRS-GKDN) Behavioral Pattern Analytics for epileptic seizures is introduced. QRS-GKDN is divided into three processes. First, the EEG signals are preprocessed using the Quadrature Mirror Filter (QMF) and the Power Frequency Spectral (PFS) and Response Spectra (RS)-based Feature Extraction is applied for Behavioral Pattern Analytics. The QMF function is applied to the preprocessed EEG input signals. Then, relevant features for behavioral pattern analysis are extracted from the processed EEG signals using the PFS and RS function. Finally, Gaussian Kullback–Leibler Deep Neural Classification (GKDN) is implemented for epileptic seizure identification. Furthermore, the proposed method is analyzed and compared with dissimilar samples. The results of the Proposed method have superior prediction in a computationally efficient manner for identifying epileptic seizure based on the analyzed behavioral patterns with less error and validation time.

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