Streak Tube Imaging Lidar (STIL), with advantages of non-scanning working mode, small distortion, high image framing rate, high resolution in low contrast environment, compact structure, easy miniaturization and high reliability, has a wide range of applications in military, aerospace, space confrontation, attack and defense, and marine law enforcement. This article introduces the principle of single-slit and multi-slit streak tube imaging lidar. It also introduces a single-slit general streak camera that can be used for imaging lidar. In addition, a multi-slit miniaturized streak tube with a single-lens focusing system with a total length of about 200 mm has been designed. The results of the 3D electromagnetic simulation show that the effective photocathode area of this streak tube reaches 36 mm × 36 mm, the temporal resolution is better than 50 ps, the dynamic spatial resolution can reach 12 lp/mm, and the whole photocathode can accommodate at least 19 slits in the effective detection range. The streak tube has a meshless structure, which is highly reliable. The streak tube can be used to increase the field of view of the imaging lidar system, improve the reliability, and achieve system miniaturization.

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