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07 Mar 2008
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Using Signal Phase in Computerized Systems of Non-destructive Testing

Published Online: 21 Jan 2022
Volume & Issue: Volume 22 (2022) - Issue 1 (February 2022)
Page range: 32 - 43
Received: 09 Nov 2021
Accepted: 13 Jan 2022
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First Published
07 Mar 2008
Publication timeframe
6 times per year

Phase methods of measuring physical quantities and phase measuring equipment are widely used in various fields of science and technology. The article proposes a signal processing methodology based on a combination of the discrete Hilbert transform (DHT) and deterministic, as well as statistical methods of phase measurement. This methodology makes it possible to more fully use the information resource of the measuring signal phase in a wide range of the signal-to-noise ratio. It can be used both in computerized measurement and testing systems, as well as in the processing of measurement data. The benefits of the DHT are considered. The possibility of using statistics of directional data for phase measurements is shown. Circular statistics, such as the mean ring value, circular variance and the resulting vector length, were proposed for use in the phase measurements. Some examples of the use of this methodology in measurements and non-destructive testing are given.


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