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Investigation of Phase Pattern Modulation for Digital Fringe Projection Profilometry


The fringe projection profilometry with sinusoidal patterns based on phase-shifting algorithms is commonly distorted by the nonlinear intensity response of commercial projector. In order to solve this issue, sinusoidal width modulation is presented to generate binary sinusoidal patterns for defocusing the projection. However, the residual errors in the phase maps are usually notable for highly accurate three-dimensional shape measurements. In this paper, we propose the fringe patterns of the sinusoidal, square, and triangular periodic waveforms with seven-step phase-shifting algorithm to further improve the accuracy of three-dimensional profile reconstruction. The absolute phase values are calculated by using quality guided path unwrapping. We learn that by properly selecting fringe patterns according to the target shape, the undesired harmonics of the measured surface have negligible effect on the phase values. The experiments are presented to verify the imaging performances of three fringe patterns for different testing targets. The triangular fringe patterns are suitable for the shape measurements of complex targets with curved surfaces. The results provide a great possibility for high-accuracy shape measurement technique with wider measuring depth range.

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