The emergence and subsequent popularization of lean manufacturing have become one of the most significant for improving the efficiency and productivity of operations. The use of lean manufacturing tools and methods leads to the elimination of waste in the organization. Traditional information systems that allow organizations to share information about resources while managing process performance and traceability have a number of disadvantages such as security, interoperability, and transparency. Currently, distributed ledger technology (block-chain) is widely used for this purpose. This article presents a study of decentralized management of the implementation of a distributed ledger infrastructure, which is selected based on the characteristics of the production system. This study proposes a framework that analyzes lean production methods using simulation and data envelopment analysis (DEA) to accommodate the underlying multi-objective decision-making problem. The current study examines the impact of the simultaneous application of RCA technology, lean manufacturing methods, and distributed ledger technology on the total time, costs, and time of production processes.