During mechanical disintegration of the rock, for mining works are used also roadheaders. Roadheaders, in comparison with disintegration by blasting operations can without interuption, and works changes with one machine, dissolve, load and at the same time mine disintegrated rock. These electro-hydraulic machines cause no harmful vibrations and are ideal for mining coal and other soft rock minerals. Mechanical mining is safer, protects the rock environment, allows mining without further breaks, allows you to achieve a higher level of daily progress and also saves work. The analysis of occupational accidents in the Slovak Republic shows that it is necessary require from employees increased attention in any work activity and attention in the work performed (mainly work in handling material, objects and burdens). In the underground coal mines further attention needs to be paid to securing hazardous areas, it is necessary to proceed in such a way as to prevent as much as possible the fall of rock as much as possible Underground roads require modification and equipment in accordance with regulations. It is necessary to follow health and safety instructions mentioned in operating and maintenance documentation. Correction of some deficiencies is ordered by a decision of the Mining Office. Most measures are aimed at adhering to technological discipline, to complement operating documentation, to prevent rock falls, to equip some machinery and transport equipment, to work procedures for handling loads, to maintenance of mining works and for explosion and anti-vapor prevention. In this article, we assess the safety risks of two roadheaders for coal mining works in Slovak conditions. Pairwise comparisons of the criteria of selected roadheaders were used to determine the safety risks, as well as taking into account the risks and safety measures according to the mixed methods following to the standard.