1. bookVolume 38 (2020): Issue 1 (March 2020)
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First Published
16 Apr 2011
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4 times per year
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Thin films of copper phthalocyanine deposited by solution processing methods

Published Online: 08 May 2020
Volume & Issue: Volume 38 (2020) - Issue 1 (March 2020)
Page range: 79 - 90
Received: 14 Jun 2018
Accepted: 23 Apr 2019
Journal Details
First Published
16 Apr 2011
Publication timeframe
4 times per year

In this work, we show and discuss the surface structure picture of copper phthalocyanine (CuPc) thin films deposited from trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) solvent onto silicon substrates at ambient conditions by four solution processing methods, namely drop-casting, dip-coating, spin-casting and spray-coating. The CuPc films were studied by AFM, as the main technique, and complemented by micro-Raman spectroscopy. Essentially, such thin films consist of CuPc molecular nanoribbons of a fixed ~1 nm thickness. CuPc molecules are arranged in an in-plane direction and formed in stacks under a defined tilt angle with respect to the substrate surface (monolayer) or underlying CuPc layer (multilayer). The film morphology takes various forms depending on the solution concentration, number of layers, and the deposition method. For instance, the morphology varies from very wide (~600 nm) but flat (~1 nm) ribbons for films prepared by dip-coating to crystallized rod-like features (multi-layered ribbons) when obtained by spray-coating. The factors studied in this paper should be taken into consideration in designing and controlling the criteria for rigorous CuPc film architecture.


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