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Existence of solutions for 4p-order PDES with Neumann boundary conditions


In this work, we study the existence of at least one non decreasing sequence of nonnegative eigenvalues for the problem: { Δ2pu=λm(x)uinΩ,uv=(Δu)v==(Δ2p-1u)v=0onΩ. \left\{ {\matrix{ {{\Delta ^{2p}}u = \lambda m\left( x \right)u\,\,\,in\,\,\,\Omega ,} \cr {{{\partial u} \over {\partial v}} = {{\partial \left( {\Delta u} \right)} \over {\partial v}} = \ldots = {{\partial \left( {{\Delta ^{2p - 1}}u} \right)} \over {\partial v}} = 0\,\,\,on\,\,\,\partial \Omega .} \cr } } \right. Where Ω is a bounded domain in ℝN with smooth boundary ∂ Ω, p ∈ ℕ*, mL (Ω), and Δ2pu := Δ (Δ...( Δu)), 2p times the operator Δ.