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Existence and Regularity for Solution to a Degenerate Problem with Singular Gradient Lower Order Term

   | Oct 11, 2022


We study the existence and regularity results for non-linear elliptic equation with degenerate coercivity and a singular gradient lower order term. The model problems is { -div(b(x)| u |p-2u(1+| u |)γ)+| u |p| u |θ=f,inΩ,u=0,onΩ, \left\{ {\matrix{ { - div\left( {b\left( x \right){{{{\left| {\nabla u} \right|}^{p - 2}}\nabla u} \over {\left( {1 + \left| u \right|} \right)\gamma }}} \right) + {{{{\left| {\nabla u} \right|}^p}} \over {{{\left| u \right|}^\theta }}} = f,} \hfill & {in\,\Omega ,} \hfill \cr {u = 0,} \hfill & {on\,\partial \Omega ,} \hfill \cr } } \right. swhere Ω is a bounded open subset in ℝN, 1 ≤ θ < 2, p > 2 and γ > 0. We will show that, even if the lower order term is singular, we obtain existence and regularity of positive solution, under various assumptions on the summability of the source f.