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Investigation of the Flow-Based Fast Reroute Model with Implementation of a Multimedia Quality Protection Scheme


In this paper, a tensor flow-based fast reroute model with multimedia quality protection is proposed. In the model, the conditions for implementing a multipath routing strategy and flow conservation are introduced taking into account possible packet loss at the network nodes and preventing overloading communication links both when using the primary and backup routes. At the same time, the novelty of the proposed solution is the formalization of the conditions of protection of the Quality of Experience level in terms of multimedia quality along the primary and backup routes. These conditions have been obtained during the tensor formalization of the network, which made it possible to calculate the quality of service indicators: packet loss probabilities, as well as the average end-to-end delay for audio and video flows transmitted in the multimedia session using the primary and backup routes, respectively. As a criterion for the optimality of the obtained solutions, a condition has been selected related to maximizing the overall performance of the infocommunication network. The results of the research of the proposed model confirm the adequacy of the numerical research results obtained for solving the problem of fast rerouting with link/node protection.

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