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Innovative accident tolerant nuclear fuel materials will help extending the life of light water reactors

   | Apr 18, 2022


Nuclear power is a significant source of clean energy that can be used to mitigate climate change. In the western world, the average life of light-water power-reactors is increasing because no new reactors are being connected to the grid. In order to extend the life of the existing reactors innovative materials are being considered for the fuel of the reactors. The newer materials would be more resistant to a loss of coolant accident and allow for longer times between refueling plus permitting overall extended burn-ups, which will make the reactors safer and more economical to operate. This never used before in reactor materials include cladding concepts such as: 1) coated zirconium alloys, 2) monolithic iron-chromium-aluminum alloys, and 3) silicon carbide composites.

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