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The Dimensions of Military Engineer Support in the Hybrid War


Hybrid warfare as a new form of politico-military aggression, brings to the fore a complex of conventional and unconventional civil and military actions and operations designed to attack all components of the aggressed state. An appropriate response to the challenges posed by this new type of conflict involves a comprehensive approach, integrating both civilian and military instruments. However, military structures retain a particularly important role in achieving the objectives of the campaign, they possess those capabilities relevant to stabilizing the security environment as well as post-conflict reconstruction. The military engineer support, an important component of any joint military operation, contributes, beyond the fulfillment of missions / tasks in the field, mobility, countermobility, survivability or general support of the assembled military force, to the return to normalcy of the affected society of a conflict. Viewed from this perspective, it can be said that the military engineer support acquires a multidimensional character, which mainly refers to the security, economic, social and educational dimensions.