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Hybrid homeschools: Organization, regulatory environments and reactions to COVID-19

   | Jul 27, 2021


This study reports the results of a survey conducted with a set of “hybrid homeschool” leaders (principals or directors) from around the United States who were asked to describe 1. how their families categorize themselves (as homeschoolers, or as members of private schools), 2. the ways in which their schools operate in terms of scheduling, hiring, etc., 3. how their schools are regulated in the various states, and how they work within those regulatory frameworks, and 4. how they were affected by COVID-19, both in the spring of 2020 and the fall of 2020. Respondents provided a variety of names to describe their schools and a split in how families see themselves. In terms of staffing, schedules, tuition, and similar issues, the schools provide several arrangements, within some consistent constraints. Respondents noted a variety of regulatory situations in their respective states, but none felt over-burdened. Neither did any respondents point out particular problems that required regulatory relief. Regarding COVID-19, most schools reported feeling much less disruption compared to nearby conventional (5-day per week) schools.

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