As a result of the evaluation of the physical and biochemical quality indicators of the fruit of thirteen apple cultivars of Ukrainian breeding, it was found that the fruits of ‘Teremok’, ‘Skifs’ke Zoloto’, ‘Amulet’, ‘Perlyna Kyieva’, ‘Harant’, ‘Edera’, ‘Radohost’, ‘Todes’ and ‘Askol’da’ are characterized by high stability of market traits based on the maximum diameter of the equatorial dimension, which varies depending on the cultivar, from 70 mm to 78 mm. The firmness of the fruit flesh of the evaluated cultivars in the harvest maturity was over 7.0 kg·cm−2 but in ‘Solomiya’ and ‘Dmiana’ this indicator was 11.1 kg·cm−2. The fruits of ‘Harant’ and ‘Todes’ were distinguished by a high dry matter content (over 18%). The highest content of soluble solids (14.5%) was accumulated in the fruits of ‘Dmiana’, and the maximum amount of sugars (11.6%) in the fruit of the ‘Ornament’. The fruits of ‘Teremok’, ‘Skifs’ke Zoloto’, ‘Amulet’, ‘Edera’, ‘Perlyna Kyieva’, ‘Kateryna’ and ‘Dmiana’ were characterized by excellent taste quality based on the values of the sugar-acid index (20–25). In the fruits of ‘Kateryna’, ‘Dmiana’ and ‘Solomiya’, a stable pectin content (over 1%) was found. The fruits of ‘Harant’ accumulated a high content of ascorbic acid (11.5 mg·100 g−1 of fresh weight), while ‘Kateryna’, ‘Radohost’, ‘Solomiya’ and ‘Askol’da’ contained over 240 mg·100 g−1 of fresh weight of polyphenols. According to the complex of the quality indices, the fruits of ‘Teremok’, ‘Skifs’ke Zoloto’, ‘Perlyna Kyieva’, ‘Askol’da’ and ‘Dmiana’ were distinguished by high commercial value and excellent consumption properties. The fruits of ‘Kateryna’, ‘Ornament’, ‘Dmiana’ and ‘Solomiya’ were characterized by stable carbohydrate content, while ‘Harant’ and ‘Askol’da’ by a stable high content of ascorbic acid and polyphenols, respectively.

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