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Soil management and seasonality impact on soil properties and soil erosion in steep vineyards of north-western Croatia


In order to mitigate vineyard degradation, we study different soil management to obtain the most suitable practices. To study the effects of water erosion on vineyards, a rainfall experiment (58 mm h-1 for 30 min) was applied on Anthrosols in humid conditions to assess the impact of treatment (Tilled, Straw and Grass) and season (Spring and Summer). Higher bulk density (BD) and soil water content (SWC) were on the Straw treatment in the Spring period. Also, the Tilled and Grass treatment noticed higher mean weight diameter (MWD) and water-stable aggregates (WSA). In the Summer, BD, SWC and MWD were significantly higher on the Grass treatment. Higher values of time to ponding (TP) and time to runoff (TR) in Spring were recorded on the Grass treatment, Runoff was higher on the Straw treatment. Higher sediment concentration (SC) and soil loss (SL) were noticed during the Tilled treatment. In the Summer period, TP was higher on the Straw treatment, while TR and Runoff were higher on the Straw, SC and SL on the Tilled treatment. This study confirms the positive effects of grass cover and straw mulching as a sustainable agricultural practice in sloped vineyards of north-western Croatia.

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