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Model of fractional-order resonant wireless power transfer system for optimal output


Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) technology has recently gained popularity in applications and research topics. It enables the transfer of electrical energy from a source to a load without connecting wires physically. The WPT system is commonly studied classically using integer order capacitors and inductors. Nonetheless, such integer order based systems have drawbacks, such as low output power, poor transmission efficiency and sensitivity to parameter variations. This paper proposes a fractional order resonant WPT circuit whereby both the transmitting and receiving ends are composed of a fractional capacitor and inductor to overcome such problems. In this paper, the overall performance is studied based on its output power and efficiency considering a series-parallel topology. The effect of fractional order in fractal elements will be analyzed to observe the optimal combination of components to achieve the maximum output power with higher efficiency. Through a comparative analysis of the results, several combinations of circuit parameters can provide a theoretical understanding for implementing an experimental system.

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