This study attempts to propose an abstract model by gathering concepts that can focus on resource representation and description in a digital curation model and suggest a conceptual model that emphasizes semantic enrichment in a digital curation model.


This study conducts a literature review to analyze the preceding curation models, DCC CLM, DCC&U, UC3, and DCN.


The concept of semantic enrichment is expressed in a single word, SEMANTIC in this study. The Semantic Enrichment Model, SEMANTIC has elements, subject, extraction, multi-language, authority, network, thing, identity, and connect.

Research limitations

This study does not reflect the actual information environment because it focuses on the concepts of the representation of digital objects.

Practical implications

This study presents the main considerations for creating and reinforcing the description and representation of digital objects when building and developing digital curation models in specific institutions.


This study summarizes the elements that should be emphasized in the representation of digital objects in terms of information organization.

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Computer Sciences, Information Technology, Project Management, Databases and Data Mining