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A New Approach to Creation of an Artificial Intellect and Method of its Implementation


On the basis of the author’s earlier works, the article proposes a new approach to creating an artificial intellect system in a model of a human being that is presented as the unification of an intellectual agent and a humanoid robot (ARb). In accordance with the proposed new approach, the development of an artificial intellect is achieved by teaching a natural language to an ARb, and by its utilization for communication with ARbs and humans, as well as for reflections. A method is proposed for the implementation of the approach. Within the framework of that method, a human model is “brought up” like a child, in a collective of automatons and children, whereupon an ARb must master a natural language and reflection, and possess self-awareness. Agent robots (ARbs) propagate and their population evolves; that is ARbs develop cognitively from generation to generation. ARbs must perform the tasks they were given, such as computing, whereupon they are then assigned time for “private life” for improving their education as well as for searching for partners for propagation. After having received an education, every agent robot may be viewed as a “person” who is capable of activities that contain elements of creativity. The development of ARbs thanks to the evolution of their population, education, and personal “life” experience, including “work” experience, which is mastered in a collective of humans and automatons.

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