Tramadol dependence became an increasing and alarming problem in the Egyptian community. Wide availability of tramadol as a pain killer and its role in the treatment of premature ejaculation may be the most apparent causes of increased magnitude of the problem among youth who believe that tramadol has a positive impact on their sexual functions. This study aimed to explore the real impact of chronic tramadol administration on sexual functions in males dependent on tramadol. The study was carried on 80 subjects (50 subjects were tramadol dependent group and 30 subjects represented the control group). Personal, family and past histories were obtained from all the participants in addition to the toxicological history from tramadol dependent group. Urine screening for tramadol was done for all cases of history of tramadol dependence then confirmation by HPLC technique to measure tramadol blood level was done. Both groups were investigated for serum testosterone and prolactin level. Curiosity (22%) and treatment of premature ejaculation (20%) were the main motives for dependence. Erectile dysfunction and decreased libido occurred in 44% and 48% of tramadol dependent group respectively. Significant increase in erectile dysfunction and decreased libido was noted as the duration of dependence increased. Additionally, significant decrease in serum testosterone level and increase in serum prolactin level as tramadol daily dose and duration increased was found. In conclusion, men who take tramadol for premature ejaculation or any other purpose must know that they are very susceptible to many sexual dysfunctions.

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