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‘You’re Alive!’: On the ‘Livingness’ of Spirited Educational Research

   | Dec 12, 2022


This paper explore ideas of ‘livingness’ in education and in research, through ideas of spirituality, conversation, care and curiosity. Research ‘on’ education is distinguished from educational research, with the latter having a transformative intention, and this can overcome some of the dualisms that have become embedded in education policy and practice. Research that is surprising has this in common with dialogue, in Buber’s terms, and with transformative education. And the care for the object of study that researchers may exhibit is related to mutual care in all ethical relationships. This is an appropriate guide to curiosity. One example of such curious research is the use of conversation, conversation that is more dialogic than dialectical. In such ways, education and research can together be more ‘alive’, as can we all.

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Philosophy, Metaphysics, Ontology, Epistemology, Social Sciences, Education, Education Systems