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Sustainable development and management of medical tourism companies in Poland


The aim of the paper is to analyze the macroeconomic sector of medical tourism and to demonstrate through empirical research the possibilities of using business opportunities for the development of medical tourism in Poland. The thesis is to point out that development of companies in medical tourism is one of the components of metropolises’ sustainable development.


A study with a sample of 214 individuals was conducted in 2018–2019 using the PAPI and CAWI techniques and a survey questionnaire was the research tool. Medical tourism companies located in the voivodship of the Upper Silesia, Warsaw, Cracow, and Szczecin metropolises took party in the study. Participation in the research was determined by the possibility to reach the companies and obtain results.


The study has shown that development of companies in medical tourism is an inevitable component of metropolises’ sustainable development. It has been demonstrated that a dynamic development of companies occurs in the investigated period, which encourages expansion of medical tourism services among residents of the said metropolises.