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Measuring service quality delivered to undergraduate students at a public university in South Africa


The conceptualised and critically examined the thinking behind the quality of services rendered to undergraduate students at a state-owned institution in South Africa. The population was 106 and 106 questionnaires were administered and 87 were returned. The approach used for this study was a quantitative and a survey research method using a questionnaire to elicit information from the third-year undergraduate students of the Business Management Department at the University was followed. Findings from the study revealed that modern facilities were used to deliver quality services of teaching, research, and supervision of students. Many respondents attested to study guide materials at the Department of Business Management. Some of the students have issues with languages such as isiZulu, isiXhosa, and isiNdebele. Several recommendations were made which include: the need to have efficient, effective, and quality services delivered on a regular basis. The need to have more recent and diverse materials that could meet the broad needs of the students. The study made credence on effective and efficient services rendered by lecturers at different intervals in teaching, learning and supervisory roles. Improved consultation hours of lecturers and tutors could assist students’ inadequacy in study and materials required.

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