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Microsoft excel expert certification MO-201: results, analysis and key tips to succeed


Microsoft Excel skills are imperative in today’s competitive market and the skill is highly demanded by businesses. The MOS Excel Expert Certification (MO-201) validates the competency that one should build to meet employers’ expectations. The paper addresses the statistical mean rank difference in four skill groups of the certification test. Results of the four groups of the test were compared, using the Kruskal-Wallis’s test. The null hypothesis of the equality of the means for different groups was rejected at the 5% level of significance. Because the null hypothesis was rejected, the Conover post hoc test was applied for multiple pairwise comparisons, to discern which of the sample pair combinations were significantly different. The paper examines some of the concepts of groups 2 and 3 questions where students struggled the most and rendered insights to overcome those hurdles.

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