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The Relationship Between Workload and Career Development on Job Satisfaction; Case Study PT XYZ


This research begins with the phenomenon of workload problems and unclear tasks that cause employees to feel the workload given by employees to get promotions in accordance with career development plans that have not been implemented properly. So that the resulting job satisfaction is not in accordance with the wishes of employees. The need of this investigation was to find out the relationship between work load (WL) and career development (CD) on job satisfaction (JS) for PT XYZ. This article use quantitative methodologies. A total of 88 samples were used, with 88 participants participating in the saturation sample study. A questionnaire was chosen as a test data capture approach in this inquiry for validity and reliability testing of the research instrument. PLS-SEM is used to analyze data using structural model analysis. According to the findings of this research, workload (X1) does not appear to have a direct impact on job satisfaction (Y). Workload (X1) influences career growth (X2), and career development (X2) influences job satisfaction (Y). The factor of workload (X1) through career development (X2) has a large enough impact on job satisfaction (Y) PT XYZ.

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