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Digenea community structure of the Salema, Sarpa salpa (Linnaeus, 1758) (Teleostei, Sparidae), from the Central coast of Algeria


The main goal of the current work was to describe and analyse the Digenean community structure in Sarpa salpa. A total of 114 specimens of S. salpa were collected from the Central Coast of Algeria at six localities. The fish were immediately transported to the laboratory to be examined for digeneans. From 107 of the 114 S. salpa examined, a total of 8,722 specimens of seven species belonging to three families were recovered. Among them, Robphildollfusium fractum and Mesometra orbicularis were the most prevalent and abundant species. Moreover, Lepocreadium album was found for the first time in S. salpa from the coast of Algeria, and Centroderma spinosissima and Wardula capitellata represent new parasites to the Algerian digenean fauna that infect teleost fish. The component community of these Digeneans is characterised by R. fractum as its dominant species representing 62% of the total number of collected Digeneans, as well by a Shannon diversity index (H′) and Dominance Simpson index (D) of 1.03 and 2.23, respectively. According to Spearman's correlation test, Mesometra brachycoelia and W. capitellata were negatively correlated to the host biological factors. On the other hand, R. fractum showed a positive correlation between its mean abundance and the total length of the fish. With these findings, we provided the component structure of the Digenean fauna of S. salpa and highlighted their diversity, contributing to the biodiversity of the parasitic Platyhelminthes in Algeria.

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